Olushegun Olagundoye is being sued for $1,000,000.00 by Ezenagu for sexual assault and battery.

Court records shows how Olagundoye attempted to throw out Sexual Assault Case but failed

By Nellie Onwuchekwa (GuardianNewsUSA, International Desk).

As the clock ticks closer to the trial date (set early next year) of a Houston high-profile sexual Assault case between a former employee, Ezenagu, Nkeoma Brenda against his former employer, Olushegun Olagundoye, court papers show  how Olagundoye and his company Kinghaven Counseling Group  attempted to throw out Sexual Assault Case but failed. Olagundoye is being sued by Ezenagu for sexual assault and battery.

Latest developments revealed through Court fillings, show how   Defendant Segun Olagundoye and his company, Kinghaven Counselling group, Inc., through his legal representatives filed a motion for summary judgment, asking the court to dismiss claims filed by alleged sexual assault and rape victim, Ms. Ezenagu. The request claimed that the Plaintiff (Ezenagu) failed to meet EEOC’s “Presuit Administrative Prerequisites” to filling suit, and must be “Dismissed against Defendant Kingshaven.” (Click to read original Motion>>).

Counsel for Ezenagu, however shut back, describing Olagundoye/Kinghaven’s request as a “Desperate attempt to escape liability, and lure the Honorable Court to accept the unacceptable, review the unreviewable, and address matters that are, at least at the moment, irrelevant or of no consequence to the issue at bar.” (Click to read Plaintiff’s response>>).

The Court however, denied the Motion. Denial order signed by the Judge, reads:

“Before this court is Defendant Kinghaven’s Motion for Summary Judgment. The Court, after considering the Motion and the response thereto, and all other matters relevant to its decision, finds that Defendant Kinghaven’s Motion for Summary Judgment should be denied. It is therefore, hereby, ordered, that Defendant Kinghaven’s Motion for Summary Judgment be denied.” (Click to read Denial Order >>).

The legal brawl started around the middle of 2016 when Olushegun Olagundoye was sued for $1,000,000.00 by Ezenagu for sexual assault and battery. The petition shows three causes of action, namely; Assault Battery, Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress, and Violation of Texas Labor Code/Laws. In his responses, Olagundoye generally denies all of Plaintiff’s claims against him. According to the petition, shortly after Plaintiff commenced employment at Kinghaven, “Defendant Olagundoye, subjected her to horrendous and repetitive incidents of sexual assault and torture as he repeatedly ordered her to report to his office to perform sexual acts on the floor of his office. When Plaintiff rebuffed Olgundoye’s advances and expressed her concerns over the acts, Olagundoye told Plaintiff that there was nothing to worry about as he had a procedure done to his penis that makes him unable to impregnate a woman.” Read the entire story: Houston: Nigerian socialite sued for rape and battery >>>

Late last year, documents recovered from the Harris County District Clerk (Cause No. 2016-33668 – EZENAGU, NKEOMA BRENDA vs. OLAGUNDOYE, OLUSHEGUN B -Court 151) revealed a 56-page document titled “Plaintiff’s Medical Record and Recording Submitted by Defendants in Discovery” revealing as exhibits, both a bombshell recorded lengthy phone conversation involving   Olagundoye and presumably one of a mistress, and a detailed medical record of his accuser. Click to see Publication: >>

Trial has been set for February 19, 2018. If the case has not been reached by the second Friday after this date, according to Court document, “the trial will be reset.”


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