World Association for Academic Doctors proposes a research-based global transformation of socio-economic development

A cross-section of attendees and guests

In its 3rd Global Conference, June 27-30, 2019, a global conference of college dons vows to connect the world for socio-economic development through study research

International Guardian – Houston, TX – Just last year – 2018, the World Association for Academic Doctors (WAAD) gathered for a conference aimed at creating research opportunities to advance education and leadership in the 21st Century. This gathering attracted researchers from Brazil, Uganda, Nigeria, Cameroon, India, Turkey, Pakistan, Ghana, and multiple states in the U.S.A. This was WAAD’s 2nd Global Conference co-hosted by Ashford University Center for Excellence Teaching and Learning (CETL). 

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This year, WAAD’s 3rd Global Academic Conference has just ended with activities focusing on global socio-economic development and progress. Sponsored by WAAD, founder and President, Dr. Henrietta Okoro, and South University of Tampa, Florida, the Conference held June 27-30, 2019 flaunted a theme that reflected WAAD’s transformational standard. This theme, “Connecting Continents for Socio-Economic Development Through Research” further reflected numerous academic presentations throughout the conference. Researchers worldwide presented complex issues and strategies through data-driven results of agriculture, cybersecurity, education, health and medicine, and social issues. 

For instance, President James McCoy from South University, opened the conference with the opening remarks, followed by Co-Conference Chairs, Dr. Vianna and Dr. Young, who did the introduction and a welcome address. Dr. Okoro further, who spoke about global challenges, which included security, poverty, hunger, and water. 

WAAD 3rd Global Conference
Sitting at the dinner cruise, From Left: Pastor Pete Onyia, Mr. Chris Aderogba, Dr. Kofoworola Aderogba Dr. Opeoluwa Olubela, Mr. Olukorede Olubela, and Dr. Maureen Onyia
WAAD 3rd Global Conference
From Left: Dr. Margaret Vianna, Dr. Charles Lagu, Dr. Henrietta Okoro, Dr. Elizabeth Young, & Dr. Ashraf Esmail
WAAD 3rd Global Conference
2019 new members induction ceremony From Left: Dr. Vanessa Washington, Dr. Ebere Erugo, Dr. Opeoluwa Olubela, Dr. Adewale Adeboye, Dr. Henrietta Okoro (Founder), Dr. Maureen Onyia, Dr. Benedicta Ilouno, Dr. Priscilla Okunji, Dr. Victoria Mmagwu, Dr. Francisca Mbanaja-Opara, Dr. Lynch Tincie,

Dr. Ryan Holmes, the guest speaker and Associate Vice President for Student Affairs at the University of Miami, presented a dynamic discussion on the global trends of the future of education.  He challenged researchers and attendees to consider the concept of “othering,” which entails making superficial assumptions about people and cultures without a thorough understanding of the context.   Another guest speaker, Dr. Tincie Lynch spoke passionately of research regarding women and military leadership roles and service to their countries.  Dr. Lynch shared of her extended role of nurturing military women about their future benefits as veterans.  Finally, Dr. Chanel Suggs, the Keynote speaker and Duchess of Cybersecurity, presented the hacking paradigm, educational Challenges, and how to leverage organizations’ cybersecurity.  She illustrated how hacking into business, governments, and individuals’ personal information could be through a demonstration video. Dr. Okoro followed up with Dr. Suggs’ cybersecurity presentation by sharing the complexities of mitigating Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) through vulnerability assessments and policy restructure. 

Keynote Speaker, Dr. Carlos Aquino, and panelists Dr. Pamela Allen and Dr. Tomi Wahlstrom from Finland and affiliated with the United States Sports Academy University highlighted the need for competencies in Learning Management Systems (LMS) for professionals to stay marketable in today’s digital technology.  Following the Keynote speaker and two panelists, a presentation was given on artificial intelligence that connected to the LMS with discussion on the impact of artificial intelligence in the educational arena.

Dr. Okoro presenting keynote speaker certificate to Dr. Chanel Suggs (Duchess of Cybersecurity).
Dr. Okoro presenting guest speaker certificate to Dr. Lynch Tincie
From left: Nolloywood and Gospel Artiste Ngozi Orji, Dr. Henrietta Okoro, and Dr. Frank Ibeawuchi Amagwu (Deputy Director, CBN Nigeria)

Finally, WAAD founder and CEO, Dr. Okoro, returned to the podium to wrap up the presentations and to impart an overview on the success stories of WAAD in the previous years, future goals and initiatives with WAAD, and WAAD’s impact on the global community. The attendees from 16 North American States, 32 University affiliates, and 11 countries pledged to continue to advance scholarship through innovative research practices to obtain world peace, security, and continuous developments.

The conference closing ceremony, induction of new members, and award ceremony were hosted on StarLite Majesty Dinner Cruise in Clearwater Tampa, Florida. Nollywood Actress & Gospel Music Artiste, Priscilla Ngozi Orji featured at the event and entertained the guests with her latest music “Chim Nonso.” Over eighty (80) members were inducted for the year 2019. The top team builders for the year 2018-2019 received awards: (Platinum Achievement Award): Dr. William G. Woods & Dr. Hemrietta M. Okoro; (Gold Achievement Award): Dr. Elizabeth Young, Dr. Abiodun Adeleke, Dr. Andree Swanson, Dr. Charles Lagu; and (Silver Achievement Award): Dr. Margaret H. Vianna and Dr. Valentine Chuwkwueloka. Dr. Ashraf Esmail (IJLEBS Chief Editor) received the 2019 Most Dedicated Member Award. The Founder & President, Dr. Henrietta Okoro received the 2019 Excellence in Leadership Award and six Government Citations:  Governor of Maryland – Larry Hogan, Governor of Florida- Ron DeSantis, Office of Prince Georges County Executive Maryland- Angela Alsobrooks, Office of State Attorney for  Prince Georges County Maryland-Aisha Braveboy, United States Senator, Van Hollen, and City of Tampa Florida Councilman – Orland Gudes.

Cross section of WAAD Ladies: From left, Dr. Margaret Vianna, Dr. Benedicta Ilouno, Dr. Opeoluwa Olubela, Dr. Nneka Chukwurah, Dr. Kofoworola Aderogba, Dr. Henrietta Okoro, Dr. Victoria Mmagu, Dr. Maureen Onyia, Dr. Uchenna Ukachukwu, Dr. Lynch Tincie, Dr. Grace Opigo, Dr. Elizabeth Young.
Dr. Ryan C. Holmes (USA) Associate VP & Dean, University of Miami

Founded by Dr. Henrietta Okoro, WAAD is a 501(c)(3) non-profit worldwide professional association of academic doctors driving excellent initiatives to reality for a better World through cooperation, collaboration, and communication of diverse intellectuals and professionals across the globe. Dr. Okoro said the conference was the second opportunity for the World Association to connect members and attendees in a university conference setting. According to Dr. Okoro, “WAAD focuses on bringing together the vast potential of professionals around the globe to promote excellence through quality education, advanced research, good leadership, and business ethics aimed at sustainable political, socioeconomic, and scientific growth of the world.” “To attain this goal, members’ pool their intellectual resources together through conferences and journal publications to offer solutions to world pressing issues for a better tomorrow,” Dr. Okoro said.

WAAD’s founder and President, Dr. Henrietta Okoro

Since its inception, WAAD has expedited significant functions in the academic, social, political, and economic spheres.  The group, according to Dr. Okoro, has continuously published an annual International Journal of Leadership Education and Business Studies (IJLEBS) to promote research and development. Consequently, noted Dr. Okoro, “We have empowered intellectual members to maintain a worldwide database of academic doctors that contributes in every professional field; we have to periodically host global academic conference/congress where individuals can present their research findings and discuss issues of international scope; furthermore, We  have supported the underprivileged through quality education, financial and information technology literacy, research, and community development initiatives.”

Currently, WAAD continues to offer good professional networking, mentoring, conferences, workshops, and other educational resources through the world congress forums. Globally, communities’ benefit from WAAD’s deep commitment to quality education, research, development, cybersecurity management, and advocacy for good governance and community stability. 

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