Michelle Obama’s Final Look in Argentina is Tory Burch – Stunning Photos

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Michelle Wearing Her Fall '16 Tory Burch Dress
Michelle Wearing Her Fall ’16 Tory Burch Dress

Today, Michelle Obama wore a purple paisley Tory Burch dress to bid goodbye to Argentina. The First Lady wore the designer’s “Tovero” dress from the fall 2016 collection while departing from the Buenos Aires airport.

For those keeping track at home, Michelle ended up wearing two Tory Burch dresses over the course of her trip to Cuba and Argentina. She went to a baseball game in Cuba while wearing a silk Tory Burch wrap dress.

Other First Lady wardrobe highlights from the trip include a floral Naeem Khan dress, a bold Narciso Rodriguez dress, a printed Carolina Herrera dress, and a shimmery metallic look for tango dancing.








The Obama Family's Athleisure Style in the Andes Mountains
The Obama Family’s Athleisure Style in the Andes Mountains







Coke-mule JetBlue beauty staying in jail until she’s sent to California

She’s grounded.

The alleged coke-mule flight attendant from Queenswho fled a Los Angeles airport just before workers spotted $3 million in blow in her luggage will stay jailed until she’s shipped to California for an April appearance, court papers show.

California federal Judge Andre Birotte Jr. ordered that Marsha Gay Reynolds, 31, remain locked up until she faces an arraignment for drug raps there April 7.

Brooklyn Judge Viktor Pohorelsky had granted the former beauty queen and NYU track standout a $500,000 bail package Thursday but stayed the ruling until California authorities could weigh in.

Marsha Gay Reynolds

Reynolds had abruptly kicked off her Gucci shoes and fled LAX Airport last week after she was selected for a random screening. Agents discovered a stunning cache of cocaine in her bags — almost 70 pounds of blow worth roughly $3 million, prosecutors said.

Reynolds was later able to hop on another flight home to New York because she hadn’t been ID’d as the suspect at the time. She eventually turned herself in before appearing in Brooklyn federal court Thursday.

“The defendant is ordered to remain in custody and await transport by the United States Marshal to the Central District of California,” Birotte ruled.

Brooklyn prosecutors — who opposed a bail package — revealed in court that Reynolds had an accomplice who remains at large.

A family representative defended her outside of court, portraying her as a hard-working nursing student and flight attendant who had no prior contact with the law.

But Brooklyn prosecutors said in court Thursday, without elaborating, that she had transported cocaine on prior occasions.


Reynolds dropped two suitcases full of cocaine at Los Angeles International Airport — along with her Gucci shoes — before fleeing in panic turned herself in to authorities in New York on Wednesday, sources said. She was arrested by Drug Enforcement Administration agents, sources said.

The JetBlue flight attendant, a former beauty pageant contestant, was randomly stopped last Friday at a checkpoint for airline workers. She kicked off her Gucci heels, dropped the drugs and bolted, according to sources. She then boarded a flight to New York and went to her Queens apartment before holing up in the Hilton Hotel near JFK Airport, the sources said.

The bundles of drugs that authorities allegedly found in the bags left behind by flight attendant Marsha Gay Reynolds.
The bundles of drugs that authorities allegedly found in the bags left behind by flight attendant Marsha Gay Reynolds.

The nearly 70 pounds of cocaine found stashed in her suitcases was estimated to be worth $2 million. During the LAX incident, Reynolds was escorted to the front of the screening area and apparently became alarmed when she realized she’d be caught. After walking about 15 feet with her carry-on bags, the former NYU track star threw them down and made a run for it, leaving behind the dope.

“She kicked her high heels off and left her shoes and bag behind,” said Marshall McClain of the Los Angeles Airport Peace Officers Association. “She knew if she dropped both of them, she’d be able to run away more quickly,” he explained. “She was then able to high-foot it out of the terminal, down an up escalator while barefoot, where we assume she got into a car and took off to parts unknown.” In her bags, TSA agents found clothes, Trojan Magnum condoms and 68.49 pounds of cocaine wrapped in green saran wrap and labeled “BIG Ranch,” cops said. She also left behind her leather, size-8½ Gucci shoes.lax_drugs1

But because TSA agents did not get her name, Reynolds may have been able to board her red-eye flight to La Guardia on Friday night. After being apprehended in New York, she was charged in a criminal complaint filed in Los Angeles on Wednesday. Reynolds is listed as a member of NYU’s 2004 women’s track and field team, according to the school’s website. She was also a runner-up in the 2007 Miss Jamaica Universe pageant, according to the Jamaica Gleaner. Reynolds was awaiting arraignment at Brooklyn federal court on Wednesday night.

What’s in your briefcase? Putin ribs Kerry ahead of Syria talks

Russian President Vladimir Putin (L) shakes hands with US Secretary of State John Kerry during a meeting at the Kremlin in Moscow, on March 24, 2016 (AFP Photo/Alexander Nemenov)
Russian President Vladimir Putin (L) shakes hands with US Secretary of State John Kerry during a meeting at the Kremlin in Moscow, on March 24, 2016 (AFP Photo/Alexander Nemenov)

Moscow (AFP) – Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday took a keen interest in the briefcase of visiting US Secretary of State John Kerry, wondering aloud if it perhaps contained cash intended to sway his opinion on Syria’s future.

“When I saw you getting off the plane and carrying your things, I got a bit upset,” Putin began as the pair met for talks at the Kremlin where Kerry is set to try and shift the Russian leader’s position on Syria’s Bashar al-Assad.

“On the one hand, it’s very democratic, on the other hand, I thought, things must be getting bad in the US,” Putin said with a small laugh, “if there is nobody to help the Secretary of State with his briefcase”.

“One would think it’s all going well with the economy, no significant layoffs — but then I thought, maybe there was something in that briefcase that you could not entrust to anyone, something valuable.

“It must be money you brought, to better haggle with us on key issues,” Putin joked, looking across the table at a smiling Kerry.

“When we have a private moment, I’ll show you what’s in my briefcase,” Kerry replied.

“I think you will be surprised, pleasantly.”

Quizzed by a journalist from a Russian state channel on the contents of the briefcase later at a press conference, Kerry made it clear the matter was not for public scrutiny.

“That’s a secret between President Putin and me,” he teased.

BP: The US will be energy independent in 5 years


By Bob Bryan  |  Business Insider

As a global supply glut continues to keep oil prices at their lowest levels in years, it seems that everyone is focused on the future of the commodity.

In its 2016 energy outlook, the oil giant BP predicted that the US would be “energy self-sufficient” by 2021 and oil self-sufficient by 2030.

Oil is used for products beyond just power, such as plastics, which is why oil independence would come shortly after energy independence.

According to the report, much of this independence will be a function of a global shift, an adoption of more renewable energy, and the growing impact of shale drilling.

“The big winner in the ‘faster transition’ case is renewables, with an almost six-fold increase in output (nearly 9% p.a.) and a 15% share of energy by 2035,” the report said. “The rate at which renewables gain share from 2020 to 2035 matches oil’s gain over the 15 years of 1908-23 — years that included the Texas oil boom, the discovery of oil in the Middle East, the British Navy switching to oil, and the Model T Ford starting mass motorization.”

Despite this, BP said that oil consumption would be driven mostly by emerging economies and that natural-gas consumption would continue to climb.

The company also made numerous other huge predictions, including:

  • “EU energy demand in 2035 is back to where it was 50 years earlier, despite the economy being almost 150% bigger.”
  • “By 2035 coal accounts for less than 25% of primary energy, its lowest share since the industrial revolution.”
  • Renewables account for a quarter of global primary energy growth out to 2035, and over a third of the growth in global power generation.
  • “China adds more renewable power over the Outlook than the EU and US combined.”

BP said the biggest danger to the downside for its outlook is slower-than-expected gross-domestic-product growth; and to the upside it suggested the possibility of a quicker-than-projected adoption of renewable energy.

Obama Wows Argentina With the Tango


obama tango
BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (AP) — Less than 24 hours in Buenos Aires, and Barack Obama is already doing the tango.

The president and first lady Michelle Obama were attending a state dinner in the Argentine capital Wednesday evening when they were pulled abruptly onto the dance floor on by a pair of tango dancers hired to provide the entertainment.

At first, the woman in the shimmering gold dress seemed to content to twirl with her partner, but then she made a beeline for the president and beckoned him to the floor.

“No, no,” Obama’s face seemed to say, as he declined her invitation not once but multiple times. But the dancer wasn’t to be deterred.

She got her way, and Obama was soon sashaying across the floor. Flawless it was not, but the president eventually caught on. By the time the music slowed to a halt, the two were in lockstep, arms high in the air as an audience of hundreds looked on.

Mrs. Obama got in on the action, too, twisting back and forth with the black-clad male dancer.

The unexpected moment came at the end of a candlelit state dinner that Argentine President Mauricio Macri hosted for the Obamas. It has been nearly 20 years since a U.S. president has made a formal state visit to Argentina.

Elegant, slow-moving and sensuous, the tango has its roots in Argentina’s capital, which hosts annual tango festivals. One of the most popular flavors of ballroom dance, it quickly spread from Buenos Aires to other parts of Latin America and beyond.

Toasting his host, Obama quoted Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges: “And now, I think that in this country, we have a certain right to hope.”

Obama added a few reflections of his own.

“This is a new beginning,” he said.

Why #NeverTrump Will Never Work

By Matt Bai Yahoo Columnist
By Matt Bai
Yahoo Columnist

We all had a good laugh at Chris Christie’s expense after the New Hampshire primary, when he decided to get behind Donald Trump in exchange for dibs on an especially comfortable chaise longue at Mar-a-Lago. Next to the kinds of craven endorsements we’re seeing now, though, Christie might be in line for a Profile in Courage award.

Just yesterday, Jeb Bush followed his pal Lindsey Graham by coming out in support of Ted Cruz, although apparently he didn’t think he could get through an actual announcement without falling to his knees and rending his clothes in self-loathing, so he released a tepid statement instead. Bush described Cruz as a “consistent, principled conservative who has demonstrated the ability to appeal to voters,” by which he meant that Cruz is not Trump and that’s all there is to say.

This followed the bizarre contortions of Mitt Romney, whose state-by-state endorsement strategy has been so convoluted that I’d suggest getting a blank NCAA bracket if you really want to keep up.

All of which gets to why this #NeverTrump movement among governing Republicans might more aptly be called #NeverGoingtoHappen instead.

That’s not to say I don’t understand the strategy here, because I do. The singular goal is to keep Trump from amassing the 1,237 delegates he needs to clinch the nomination, thus hurtling the party into an open convention for the first time in 40 years.

Bush has apparently decided that this can happen only if it’s a two-man race, even though he almost certainly believes that John Kasich is the only candidate left who has any business being in the Oval Office. So he and other leading Republicans are going to close ranks around Cruz and hope they can get control of the process once the voters are finished making a holy mess of it.

(It’s interesting that Jeb has not been joined in this cause by his brother George W., who seems to have decided that he would sooner paint Trump’s presidential portrait himself than endorse the fellow Texan who once worked for him. That ought to tell you something.)

Romney’s strategy is more elaborate. Like many of you who probably also assumed you were watching an old “Bewitched” rerun on daytime TV until you realized that Darrin had just way too many lines, I watched Romney’s speech attacking Trump a few weeks back, and I have to say I was impressed. Where Trump was vulgar and insecure, Romney was cutting and confident, reminding us that titans of business don’t hawk bad steaks in late-night infomercials.

The goal of the #NeverTrump movement is to keep Donald Trump from amassing the 1,237 delegates he needs to clinch the nomination. (Photo: George Frey/Getty Images)
The goal of the #NeverTrump movement is to keep Donald Trump from amassing the 1,237 delegates he needs to clinch the nomination. (Photo: George Frey/Getty Images)

It seemed possible that Romney, in his advancing years, had at last found within himself some hidden reserve of political steel.

But no – turns out some distant race of extraterrestrials had actually snatched Romney’s body for a day so they could deliver a message about the grave danger of a Trump presidency, and when they were done they dropped the old Romney right back into our laps.

Romney endorsed Kasich in Ohio, noting that he was the “only guy with a real track record.” But then he turned around and announced he was voting for Cruz in Utah anyway – although he wasn’t actually endorsing Cruz, just so nobody gets confused. Right.

If you step back for a second, you can see why Romney might have some interest in getting to a convention with the delegates divided as many ways as possible. Mitt made his fortune as the consummate turnaround guy — the bloodless analyst who swoops into a company in crisis and fires all the incompetent executives.

What is the Republican Party now if not an organization in crisis? If you were Romney, why wouldn’t you look at the disaster looming and recognize a ripe takeover opportunity?

But here’s the problem for Bush and Romney and the whole #NeverTrump thing generally: You don’t win campaigns solely by running against somebody else. You have to give voters something — or someone — that they can be for.

This, of course, was Romney’s essential flaw as a nominee four years ago. He effectively ran as the #NeverObama candidate, avoiding anything that could have been misconstrued for a declarative worldview or agenda. He thought it was enough to not be Barack Obama and not be objectionable, and he was wrong.

The Kardashian Sisters Just Got Sued for $180 Million

arrives at Cosmopolitan Magazine's 50th Birthday Celebration at Ysabel on October 12, 2015 in West Hollywood, California.
arrives at Cosmopolitan Magazine’s 50th Birthday Celebration at Ysabel on October 12, 2015 in West Hollywood, California.

The Sisters Kardashian are being sued for $180 million and being accused of fraud by a disgruntled investor in their makeup line.

Hillair Capital Management is claiming that shortly after it invested in the makeup line, which was struggling after its distributor folded in 2014, the sisters began looking for a new partner to buy out the Hillair stake, reports the New York Daily News. The suit lays this out bluntly:

In short: the Kardashians wanted a better, more lucrative deal than they had struck with Hillair after the money to continue the line was already committed, and they used their ability to withhold their support of the line to attempt to force Hillair into a buyout of its interest.

It further alleges that Khloe Kardashian publicly disparaged the products in the line, obviously bad for the investment.

Lawyers for the Kardashians shot back, claiming the suit “is an obvious attempt to create leverage by hedge fund operators who took over the Kardashians’ cosmetics brand.”

Requests for comment from both Fielding and the Kardashians were not immediately returned.

The suit was filed in Los Angeles.

Michelle Obama Is Continuing Her Winning Style Streak in Argentina

Michelle Obama stepped off the plane in a modest but bold printed dress by Narciso Rodriguez.
Michelle Obama stepped off the plane in a modest but bold printed dress by Narciso Rodriguez.




From stepping off a plane to sitting front row at a ball game, Michelle Obama never fails to impress us with her outfit. The first lady isn’t afraid to take fashion risks, rocking bright colors and loud prints at major events, so it’s no surprise that after a stylish trip to Cuba, she’s continuing her fashion streak as she and her family touch down in Argentina.

Just from her latest look alone, Michelle offers a few great styling tips. For starters, you can find a balance between polished and bold: just opt for a dark, solid-colored dress with a simple yet interesting graphic, much like her Narciso Rodriguez number. Second, silver heels pair well with everything, completing colorful ensembles by acting as a neutral.

Read on to see Michelle’s travel outfit in full, then shop a similar dress ahead.

The Latest: Cruz says he didn’t want to be Trump ‘roadkill’

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks about counterterrorism, Wednesday, March 23, 2016, at the Bechtel Conference Center at Stanford University in Stanford, Calif.  Carolyn Kaster  - AP Photo
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks about counterterrorism, Wednesday, March 23, 2016, at the Bechtel Conference Center at Stanford University in Stanford, Calif. Carolyn Kaster – AP Photo

The Associated Press  |  WASHINGTON

The Latest on the presidential election (all times EDT):

10 p.m.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz says he waited until January to begin criticizing Republican rival Donald Trump because he didn’t want to become “roadkill” like other candidates who had challenged the front-runner.

Cruz made the comment Wednesday during a forum hosted by a conservative talk radio host near Milwaukee. It marked Cruz’s first campaign stop in Wisconsin, which holds its primary April 5.

Cruz was asked about a previous statement he made calling Trump “terrific.” Cruz responded by noting that his campaign has had a plan since launching a year ago, and said he needed to build his base of support first and get his record out before drawing contrasts with Trump.

Now Cruz is looking to Wisconsin, with its 42 delegates, as a place to slow Trump’s momentum.

5 p.m.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich says there is “zero chance” he will drop out of the race before Wisconsin’s primary on April 5.

Kasich told voters during a campaign stop Wednesday outside Milwaukee that he’s not dropping out of the race and he’s “going to be nobody’s vice president.”

He later told reporters that he was going to do “fine” in Wisconsin, “but I’m not going to predict we’re going to win here.”

Instead, Kasich is looking ahead to states in the East where he says Texas Sen. Ted Cruz can’t beat Donald Trump.

Kasich says he’s not remaining in the race to stop Donald Trump, but if he drops out Trump will win. Kasich says he’s pinning his hopes on securing the nomination at a contested Republican Party convention this summer in Cleveland.

4:20 p.m.

Hillary Clinton is maintaining a 300-delegate lead over Bernie Sanders after Tuesday night’s contests.

Sanders won Idaho and Utah, but his net gains were more modest after Clinton won Arizona.

For the night, Sanders won at least 73 delegates while Clinton picked up at least 55. Three delegates from Tuesday remain to be allocated, pending final vote tallies.

To date, Clinton has a lead of 1,223 to 920 over Sanders based on primaries and caucuses.

If Sanders hopes to overtake her, he must win 58 percent of the remaining delegates. So far, he’s only winning 43 percent.

Clinton holds an even wider lead when including superdelegates, or party officials who can back any candidate they wish.

With them, she has 1,690 to Sanders’ 946. It takes 2,383 to win.

3:45 p.m.

Hillary Clinton is pledging to defeat the Islamic State group and arguing her opponents are not up to the task.

She spoke at Stanford University as the Brussels attacks a day earlier reverberate in the U.S. presidential campaign.

The Democratic front-runner says the U.S. must adapt to a sophisticated adversary yet Republican presidential contenders offer only bluster that alienates U.S. allies.

And she’s stressing the importance of NATO in light of Donald Trump’s comments that the U.S. should rethink its involvement with the alliance.

Clinton says if Trump gets his way, “it will be like Christmas in the Kremlin.”

And she took issue with Ted Cruz’s talk about carpet-bombing IS.

She says “slogans aren’t a strategy” and “loose cannons tend to misfire.”

2:30 p.m.

Ted Cruz is trying to link Donald Trump to the “disasters of liberal Democrats” who have governed New York.

Cruz, speaking in Manhattan, says Trump supported the state’s Democratic politicians, including Gov. Andrew Cuomo, former Gov. Eliot Spitzer, ex-congressman Anthony Weiner and Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton.

He says Trump’s donations to Democrats raise questions about his judgment. For his part, Trump says he gave money to people in both parties because that’s what a businessman needs to do.

Cruz has spent two days in Manhattan doing television interviews, meeting donors and speaking to Republicans. He’s sidestepped questions about his previous criticism of “New York values.” He says he hopes to compete effectively in the New York primary next month.

1:10 p.m.

Ted Cruz is saying that Donald Trump’s tweet that threatened to “spill the beans” on his wife was “gutter politics” and “reached a new low.”

Cruz, in New York City, said Trump tries to “attack and bully people” but should know that spouses and children are off-limits.

Trump issued a vague threat on Twitter on Tuesday to disclose something about Heidi Cruz. This, in response to an ad made by an outside political group that features a provocative photo of Trump’s wife, Melania, when she was a model and before they were married.

Trump misidentified the Cruz campaign as the source of the ad.

The Texas senator says Trump launches personal attacks when he wants to change the subject, suggesting Trump wanted to divert attention from Utah, where he lost to Cruz on Tuesday night.

12:40 p.m.

Donald Trump won 59 percent of the delegates that were up for grabs in Tuesday’s contests. If he kept up that pace, he’d clinch the Republican nomination for president before the party’s national convention this summer.

Trump needs to win 54 percent of the remaining delegates to reach 1,237. That’s how many it takes to secure the GOP nomination.

Trump’s closest rival, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, would need to win 83 percent of the remaining delegates, a nearly impossible task.

The next GOP primary is April 5 in Wisconsin, with 42 delegates at stake. Wisconsin awards 18 delegates to the statewide winner and three delegates to the winner in each congressional district. Several coming contests award delegates in a similar manner, enabling a successful candidate to win most or all of the delegates at stake.

The AP delegate count:

Trump: 739

Cruz: 465

John Kasich: 143

12:30 p.m.

Ted Cruz’s wife had sharp words for Donald Trump after he warned he’d “spill the beans” on her in a vague tweet.

The tweet came after an anti-Trump group that’s not controlled by Cruz ran an ad in Utah featuring a provocative picture of Trump’s wife, Melania, from a photo shoot that ran in British GQ magazine more than a decade ago. She was then a model.

Heidi Cruz opened a campaign office for her husband in suburban Milwaukee on Wednesday. She said: “the things that Donald Trump says are not based in reality.”

Trump misidentified Cruz as the source of the ad.


Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says he hasn’t decided whether he’ll endorse anyone for the GOP presidential nomination. But he says only Ted Cruz can beat Donald Trump.

Walker dropped out of the Republican presidential race after a 70-day campaign last year. He says in an interview broadcast Wednesday on WTMJ radio that he’ll make a decision next week about a possible endorsement. The Wisconsin primary is April 5.

Walker says Cruz and Ohio Gov. John Kasich fit more with his strategy than Trump. But only Trump and Cruz have a statistical chance to win the nomination, says the governor.

10:15 a.m.

Hillary Clinton is closing in on collecting three-quarters of the delegates needed to clinch the Democratic presidential nomination.

Bernie Sanders netted more than a dozen delegates after splitting the latest contests with Clinton. But he still trails significantly.

Three states held Democratic contests with a total of 131 delegates at stake.

Sanders picked up at least 67, having won big in Idaho and Utah.

Clinton will gain at least 51 after a victory in Arizona.

Thirteen delegates remain to be allocated from Tuesday, pending final vote tallies.

Still, Clinton continues to sustain a big lead overall.

Based on primaries and caucuses to date, she leads Sanders 1,214 to 911.

Clinton’s lead is even bigger when including superdelegates, or party officials who can back any candidate they wish.

She now has 1,681, or 71 percent of the number needed to clinch the nomination. Sanders has 937.

10 a.m.

Donald Trump took the top prize in the latest Republican presidential races: all 58 delegates in Arizona’s primary.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz won big in Utah, and he’ll get all 40 of the state’s delegates to the Republican National Convention. But he has a very limited path to clinch the nomination before the party’s convention this summer.

The third contender still fighting for the nomination, Ohio Gov. John Kasich, was shut out for the night.

Here’s the latest AP delegate count:

Trump: 739

Cruz: 465

Kasich: 143

Needed to win the nomination: 1,237

9:45 a.m.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has won the endorsement of the political arm of the Club for Growth. The conservative group has spent millions in television ads to stop Donald Trump.

Club for Growth President David McIntosh says Cruz is the best free-market, limited-government candidate in the presidential race.

McIntosh says there’s a “vast gulf between the two leading Republican candidates on matters of economic liberty.” Cruz would shrink the federal government, McIntosh says, while Trump “would seek to remake government in his desired image.”

Former GOP candidate Jeb Bush also is backing Cruz.

But Trump’s substantial lead in delegates will be hard for the Texas senator to catch in the remaining primaries.

7:32 a.m.

Ted Cruz is suggesting he’d find a place for Republican rival John Kasich in his future administration if Kasich agrees to drop out of the presidential race and supports him.

Cruz noted that it’s mathematically impossible for Kasich to reach the 1,237 delegates needed to secure the GOP nomination. So the only role Kasich is playing now is that of a “spoiler” by taking votes that could have gone to Cruz. And that is only serving to help front-runner Donald Trump, Cruz says.

In an interview Wednesday on CNN’s “New Day,” Cruz said of Kasich: “I think he’d be a tremendous addition to an administration.”

Cruz also praised his latest endorsement from Jeb Bush, saying it proved his candidacy has drawn broad support among Republicans.

7:10 a.m.

Jeb Bush says he’s endorsing Ted Cruz for president.

Bush tweeted Wednesday that “Ted is a consistent, principled conservative who has shown he can unite the party.”

He added on his Facebook page that Republicans “must overcome the divisiveness and vulgarity Donald Trump has brought into the political arena” or risk losing to Hillary Clinton.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/news/article67713112.html#storylink=cpy

15 American Pastors worth Millions, Who’s The Wealthiest?

If you’ve ever flipped through your local channels on a Sunday morning, you’ve probably stumbled upon a religious service or two. These aren’t your typical small town church experiences, these are part of a bigger business. Evangelizing can rake in some big bucks if you are engaging, communicative, and thoughtful. Here are the top earners in the field of preaching.


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