Barack Obama Encourages Giving Back on Thanksgiving as He Shares Photo of His Own Family Serving Dinner

The Obamas | Barack Obama/Instagram
Barack Obama Encourages Giving Back on Thanksgiving as He Shares Photo of His Own Family Serving Dinner

As many begin to ponder everything they are grateful for this Thanksgiving, former President Barack Obama is reminding everyone to give back to those in need. On Thursday, Barack, 58, shared a candid photo of himself, former First Lady Michelle Obama and their daughters Malia and Sasha serving canned goods.

A little girl is seen beaming with joy as she shook Barack’s hand while Malia, 21, looked on lovingly. Meanwhile, Michelle smiled widely as she filled a bag with food as Sasha, 18, did the same.

“Today, we give thanks for our blessings, give back to those around us, and enjoy some time — and turkey, and maybe a little football — with the ones we love,” Barack captioned the heartwarming image.

“From the Obama family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving,” the former president concluded.

While it is not immediately clear as to when and where the photo was taken, the Obamas have volunteered at food banks for many years.

Just before sharing the photo, Barack delivered another message to his followers on Twitter: Be kind to one another.

“Before arguing with friends or family around the Thanksgiving table, take a look at the science behind arguing better. And it’ll never hurt to try this: ‘Listen to people, get them to think about their own experience, and highlight your common humanity,” Barack alongside a link to an article on how to argue better.

The former president’s Thanksgiving messages come after his wife shared a holiday post of her own.

On Wednesday, the former first lady shared a group shot of her and her husband with Malia and Sasha.

The photo — a rare one of them all together, amid their diverging lives and retreat from the political spotlight — was taken in May before Sasha, then a high school senior and weeks away from turning 18, left for her prom.

The Obamas have stayed busy since President Obama left office, especially in the last year.

Michelle released her memoir, Becoming, in late 2018 to smash sales of more than 10 million copies and counting. She’s since spent much of the year on a book tour that recently resulted in a Grammy nomination for best spoken word album, an award her husband won in 2006 and 2008 for his own audiobooks.

The former first lady also announced the release of a new journalBecoming: A Guided Journal for Discovering Your Voice, which features an intro from her and 150 questions and quotes to inspire readers to write down their own journey.

Barack has been writing himself, with his new memoir possibly hitting shelves sometime before the 2020 election. He wrote a first draft on legal pads, just as he did for his first book, Dreams from My Father.

Neither Obama has endorsed a candidate — or even hinted at a preference — ahead of next year’s 2020 Democratic primary. The nominee will run against President Donald Trump.

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