Please Hear Me Out – Trump Is Not My President

Election victory IS NOT a test of exemplary leadership; it’s simply a process of democracy. Effective governance is about positive influence, and any President who makes your life miserable is not your leader; he is your DICTATOR. Therefore, it is my painful conclusion today that: Trump is Not My President.

By Dr. Anthony Obi Ogbo

The fundamental component of civil liberty allows every citizen the rights to vote and to be voted for under a democratic path called the ‘Election Process’. This basic right is critical and foremost part of being a Citizen of the United States of America. In fact, that is what makes America distinguishably great from most countries in the world. However, with Republican leadership championing laws and campaigns to suppress the registration and voting process; with candidates and their agents allegedly colluding with Russia to manipulate and influence the process, we may have theatrically and inadvertently ended up with perhaps, the Worst President the country has had in my lifetime.

We are experiencing a negatively unique change management process – inconsistent with all Exemplary Leadership principles and methods. Leadership change or transformational management process requires integration of best practices and effectively applied for the common good. Transformational Leadership is principles-based in which ‘Team’ is critical factor – a great marriage between the Transformational Leader and the Led based on reciprocal bonding. There is a shared vision inspired by a collective bargaining for the public good; where experiential wisdom are pooled and lessons learned are funneled for continual improvement. Naturally, the success of the Transformational Leader is based on alignment and synergy in work processed implemented by subordinates across all tiers of governance.

The result of this alignment and synergy is increased productivity and an environment that inspires a positive altitude. This is the root of the fundamental theories of modern governance; where the needs or wellbeing of the electorate is priority and supersedes the uncertainties of political party ideologies and interests.

My dear Trump thought he understood the language of Change Management and Transformational Leadership, but he has since shown total lack of intellectual depth and generic understanding of people and community management. Trump explained his tyrannical approach thus far in an office he took a barely two months ago, was “to fulfill election promises”. To the extent that he claimed that his abuse of executive powers so far was ‘to serve the interests of majority Americans’ who voted for him.

My dear Trump thought he understood the language of Change Management and Transformational Leadership, but he has since shown total lack of intellectual depth and generic understanding of people and community management.

President Trump’s argument might have made sense but for the surmounting national and global protests that overwhelm his fragile regime. He has attracted enemies and policy objections worldwide more than his past five predecessors put together. Even in-country, where Trump is determined to “Make America Great Again”, his approval rating has shown some disgracefully nightmarish figures that equate his policy-making imbecility.

According to latest Gallup Daily Poll based on a three-day rolling average, Donald Trump’s approval rating has dwindled to a shameful 37 percent, with 58 percent disapproving of how he’s performed in his two months in office. It may be recalled that on January 22, just three days into his presidency, his approval and disapproval ratings were split evenly at 45 percent each.

Sadly, those numbers significantly deteriorated as this President continues to make a mockery of The Executive Office. Trump has muddled up what actually COULD make our Country great!  With his twitter rampage lampooning every country, every culture – America’s trust and respect among its allies are no longer certain. Besides, his Executive Orders on Immigration flunked every legal test and erodes commonsense.

Furthermore, Trump riding with support of his dysfunctional appointees faces an unexplained conflict of interests between his business empire and his office, proposes an impracticable budget, and, endorses a killer health care proposal with assault on seniors and a tendency to leave millions currently covered without the tiniest layer of protection. The Congressional Budget Office has estimated that the Trump Republican American Health Care Act would leade 14 million more uninsured in 2018 and 24 million by 2026. Likewise, his budget has practically proposed unprecedented cuts that adversely affect every development segment. And, the masses are not just talking about it – they are crying about it!

Election victory IS NOT a test of exemplary leadership; it is simply a process of democracy. Effective governance and transformational leadership is about positive influence. Any President who deliberately makes your life miserable is NOT a True Leader – at best, he is your DICTATOR. True Governance is premised on vision, mission, passion, resilience, empathy and compassion. These elements are the basis for program conceptualization, alignment and implementation. A progressive agenda is a well-thought out and encapsulated in processes that provide national integrity in line with existing framework.

Therefore, it is my submission today that: Trump is not my President. We know what America looked like before this ‘Trumped Madness’. It was a solid accumulation of love, rationality and growth. Therefore, Americans must join hands together to bring back love and commonsense into the system.

Conclusively, it is conceivable that denouncing TRUMP is not just an inevitable option but also a civic duty to ‘MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.’ We need the change process to begin with Trump. What America needs is a Leader who is humble enough to accept deficiencies in his competency charts and accept appropriate assistance and guidance. We need a listening President. We need a collaborative President who would not compromise the interest of the American people.

Making America Great is a collective responsibility – Individual and Corporate. Until such a time when Trump is Truly Transformed, I maintain that: Trump is NOT my President!!!

♦ Publisher of International Guardian, Anthony Ogbo, Ph.D. is the author of The Influence of Leadership.

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