Black Voters Make Texas Biggest Battleground State In 2020

Texas is now the Biggest Battleground State (BBGS) in America because it has the largest Black population in America.

If Texas Democrats invest in registering one million new Black Democratic voters for the 2020 General Election, educating them on the need to Vote the Entire Ballot From  Top To Bottom because there will be no straight ticket voting in 2020, and  turnout 1.5 million Black Democratic voters in 2020, Democrats will turn Texas Blue.

By Carroll G. Robinson

If Texas Democrats invest in a Black to Blue strategy of voter registration, voter education and Black GOTV, not only will Democrats win the White House, we will also elect a Democratic United States Senator from Texas, retake the Texas State House, secure a Democratic State House Speaker, send more Texas Democrats to Congress, win statewide executive, regulatory and judicial elections as well as sweep county elections and county judicial races all across Texas.
Black voters, especially Black women, will decide if Texas moves from a battleground state to a solid Blue state in 2020. 

Texas will turn Blue in 2020 if Texas (and national) Democratic Party leaders recognize and acknowledge that Black Voters are the Decisive Voters in turning Texas Blue in 2020.

Black voters have been, and still are, the most loyal voting block and constituency in the Texas and national Democratic Party coalition. 

If Texas–and national–Democratic Party leaders really want the biggest bang for their investment in winning Texas in 2020, then their priority must be investing in Black voter registration, education and turnout because it will produce the best and highest return on their investment. Black voters vote 90% or more for Democrats. No other group comes close to that level of political support, commitment and loyalty.

It’s time for Black voter loyalty to be fully acknowledged, recognized, rewarded and respected. If Democrats have not already recognized it by now, Democrats can’t win, and won’t turn Texas Blue, without massive Black voter turnout in 2020. To do that, the Democratic Party at the national, state and county levels must all hire local Black consultants, policy advisors and field organizers and also invest in local Black media outlets, radio and newspapers, and in mail, robocalls and door knocking in the Black community all across Texas; rural, suburban and urban.

Thank you and God Bless Houston. For constructive dialogue, you may contact me directly >>>

Carroll G. Robinson, Esq.

Hon. Robinson is the former Chairman, City of Houston Transportation, Technology and Infrastructure Committee; Former Vice Chairman, Houston-Galveston Area Council Transportation Policy Council (H-GAC TPC) and Associate Professor of Public Administration, Barbara Jordan-Mickey Leland School of Public Affairs, Texas Southern University.

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